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Enchilada Stacks

1 lb. hamburger meat
salt & pepper
2-3 T chili powder
garlic salt
corn tortillas
vegetable oil
shredded cheese
onions (optional)

Season the hamburger meat with salt and pepper and brown it in a large skillet. Add shortening and let melt. Add some flour and let the flour brown. Add chili powder, stir, then quickly add water. Stir, adding water as needed to reach the consistency of gravy. Sprinkle with garlic salt, stir, and let simmer for about 30 minutes, adding water as necessary to maintain consistency.

In a small saute pan heat a small amount of vegetable oil. With each tortilla, heat each side in the oil for a few seconds. Dip the tortilla in the gravy, then place on a plate. Add a little more gravy to the tortilla, then sprinkle with onions and cheese. Repeat for as many layers as you can handle. Put the plate in a warm oven for about 15 minutes.